One of our core values at Continental Diamond is education. We believe that the more educated our customers are about diamonds, the more they will be able to enjoy their purchase and make a decision that is correct for them.

This is why we have built the most comprehensive – and easily understandable – education resources on the web. We urge you to read the following sections carefully. A brief investment of your time will empower you with knowledge that only a fraction of shoppers enjoy.


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The Four C’s

Information about the “Four Cs” is everywhere but the details of any diamond go far beyond convenient letter grades. Simple descriptions and diagrams cannot communicate the complex and variable grading criteria that relates to the specifics of each diamond. At Continental Diamond we are committed to providing clear and transparent education and explanation which eloquently covers the Four Cs and much, much more.

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Knowledge is Power

We know you’re placing your trust in us and we consider that an honor. Like your family doctor or trusted mechanic, we want to be your family jeweler and provide you with the necessary information to make a great choice. Learn more about our philosophy and talented staff of gemologists here.

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How Do I Know My Ring Size?

Looking to lock down your ring size? We’ve got you covered.

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Jewelry Tips

Our precious pieces come into contact with weather and chemicals when we wear them. “Every day” items have the greatest exposure and may experience casual bumps, dings and potential damage. And there is always the small but realistic possibility that one of our treasured items could be severely damaged or lost. Our experts have prepared this section with helpful tips and knowledge relating to the care and safekeeping of your beloved jewelry items.

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